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E-Coat Painting

The most common applications of E-Coat include underhood and underbody components for automotive and transportation industries, lawn and garden equipment, recreational goods, cooking and appliances, HVAC and aerospace products. Often E-Coat is used as a primer for powder-coated goods by manufacturers of upscale consumer products. From full scale production to one-offs or prototypes, we can supply you with the quality and precision finishing you expect.

Our Advantage is Your Advantage

Bert R. Huncilman & Son has developed a systematic approach to offline racking. In conjunction with our conventional style racking offline has allowed us to efficiently coat high volume orders providing cost efficiency and faster turnaround times to our customers. Our systematic racking has proven itself by nearly doubling our line efficiency, increasing our line capacity, and making us a truly valued full service provider in the Metal Fabrication Industry.

We are also the only fabricator in the region who manufacturers custom e-coating racks in-house. Please contact us if you need custom racks for your paint system.

Since the development of our E-coat line in 1997 we have developed a customer base of leaders in the automotive and appliance industries as well as servicing local customers that demand superior products. Whether your looking for a full service fabrication provider or contract E-coater, our advantage is your advantage

System Description:

| 1,180 Foot Automated Continuous Conveyor System
| Nine-Stage Pre-Wash System Featuring a Zinc Phosphate Pre-Treatment assuring high film integrity and unblemished appearances
| Waste Water Treatment System eliminates pollutants for an environmentally sound operation.
| Fully pressurized facility to help avoid part contamination.
| 10,000 Gallon Electrocoat Paint Tank
| Three Stage Post Rinse System
| Lower Level Entry Paint Curing Oven delivers high hardness


Please download this bulletin for detailed paint properties and product description to see if Bert R. Huncilman & Son’s paint specs meet your needs.

Film Thickness

Offering film thickness from .8-1.2 mm


| Maximum part size: 3′X4′X10′
| Materials of any gauges and grades: Cold Roll, HRPO, Galvanized, Galvaneal, Aluminum

Contact Us
115 Security Parkway

New Albany, IN 47150
Phone: 1.812.945.3544 | Mobile: 1.502.817.2599
Fax: 1.812.948.2133 |Email: info@huncilman.com


Huncilman Metal Fabrication has been reinvented several times over our nearly 100 years of existence and we have done so again to position ourselves for growth and enhanced performance in the coming years….and we aren’t stopping there as our strategic plan calls for continuous improvement and value to our customers for years.